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We're halfway into Movember and the Mo Bro's are making some serious progress. Although Sloat has resorted to taking headshots in black and white to increase contrast...and Revo is starting to look more and more like Ron Jeremy everyday.

The Donation Situation

_"Movember is helping to support three vaccine research programs and move 12 new medicines from the laboratory to clinical trials. These may alleviate pain and suffering for the nearly 2.5 million men and their families who are currently facing prostate cancer in the U.S. How else can we say thank you from the bottom of their hearts and ours?" said Dr. Jonathan Simons, Prostate Cancer Foundation President and CEO, "Without Movember, the progress of those projects would have been hindered."
Kudos to the Sydney boys who picked up their game and have now overtaken the San Franciscans in their fundraising efforts._

Mo of the Week

The results are in and thanks to the Survey Plugin it's clear to see that Todd was the clear favourite for the Mo of the Week.

What about the other Mo Bro's?

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ExactTarget 2010 Notes

The conference this year was great. I learned a lot more this year than last, but think that it was run much smoother last year. The big focus this year, including ET's purchase of Co-Tweet, revolved around Social Media. I actually got a certificate from The ExactTarget Academy called 'Social Media Strategy with Sergio Balegno of MarketingSherpa. Funnily enough, he had a 5-slide case study on our original Sprout Campaign in his presentation! All in all, this is a must-attend event for anyone involved in using ExactTarget, or anyone thinking about it. Though I'd like to say I would not go next year, for a 3rd year in a row, I'm sure I could attend a different set of presentations that I'd learn heaps from. 

One thing to note: they did NOT record their sessions. They will, however, provide the slides. I think we could consider this for Summit - going into the 3rd year, I think people will wonder why they'd pay so much to come when we post the videos after and re-blog them over and over again. Why not keep the content, make people come to the event, and maybe at a much later date - allow people to view the videos after logging in (Second User Data). 

Sessions Attended

  • Social Media Strategy with Sergio Balegno of MarketingSherpa
  • Keynotes: Scott Dorsey, Scott McCorkle, Andy Sernovitz (WOM Book), Richard Branson
  • Opt-in Optimization: Rethinking the Subscriber Center
  • Grow: How to Acquire Email Subscribers, Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers
  • The Top 10 Design Lessons We Learned in 2010
  • Triggered & Transactional Messaging for Retailers
  • In the Works: Release 139
  • Contact Strategy Roundtable: LiveNation (Ticketmaster) Email Manager

Other Companies

  • Best Buy changes their triggered campaigns every 3-6 months and monitor the results. It's an ongoing effort. They don't do 1 time A/B tests - they don't have time to do it. 
  • Expedia has a huge team dedicated to email. Roughly 20 people. 
  • Expedia wants to bring it down from emailing 1 customer 60 times per year to 40. 
  • LiveNation sends 20-25M emails per week. 
  • Many companies have 'Social Departments'
  • LiveNation went from 4 to 3 emails per week and it halved the unsubscribe rate - it's a good idea to test the email frequency and get it right. 
  • ExactTarget has about 15-20 people who 'touch' an email before I read it. 
  • Groupon sent 236,821,903 emails for Sep 2010. 

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Live from Agile 2010

Conference Notes


Got my bag of goodies Monday morning. It looks like every sponsor of the conference was given the opportunity to provide pamphlets/brochures/postcards/etc in the bag. There were a lot of them:

My first impression was: "Wow, I'm not going to read any of these". Our postcard is great (and we handed out a lot of them at the booth), but we may want to consider a different type of insert to put in bags like this, something that will grab the recipient's attention immediately. Some interesting items:

  • Playing cards (?) from Innovation Games - Oooo a deck of cards?? Sweet, I'll actually use those, and constantly be reminded of your brand at the same time. Oh's a pack of around 100 cards with personal bios of Innovation Games employees on them. Behind these, there's some actually useful cards describing some "innovation games" that could be used for product planning. A deck of cards could be cool for us (with Charlie as the king??), but could be expensive too.
  • IBM Rational Jazz Products CD - The product you're pitching, on a CD, in the target's hand. Not sure how applicable this could be to our products, especially as we try to push more evaluations to hosted.
  • Gum from Hansoft, mints from Collabnet - Meeting lots of new people at a conference like this, breath fresheners are always welcome.
  • Sticker from LeanDog - Simple sticker, just a sketch of a pug and the text "LeanDog". Got me to look them up online (agile tool).

That said, our postcards look great, and the bit about the Starter licenses is a great in. We also handed out a bunch of stickers that announced the 5.2 release and pointed people to the blog, although we've still got a lot left...

AWESOME Conference App

I downloaded the app just to have the conference schedule with me without having to carry around the massive paper version. Some of the features:

  • Schedule (obviously), filterable by day and session (morning/afternoon)
  • You can add a session to "My sessions", making an ad-hoc schedule
  • For each session in "My sessions", you can choose to rate it manually, or...
  • This is by far the coolest thing about the app: after the session is over (as judged by your phone's clock), you get a push notification asking if you want to rate it or not. If you didn't choose to, or forgot to fill out the feedback card (or even if you already did), the app prompts you to give feedback while it's still fresh in your mind.

Would be awesome for Summit next year, I wonder if they coded that from hand or if it's a basic conference app template.

Dan Pink

When Dan Pink mentioned Fedex Days at TED, he seemed to spark a lot of interest in the notion. I had 3 people come up to me and ask us about our Fedex Days. One guy even wanted to implement it in his own company and was asking what sorts of "deliveries" came out of it. Great publicity.

Money money money moooooneeeyyy

A lot of people came up and asked us about the Accel investment, or simply congratulated us on it. Most of them asked what we were gonna do with the money (I told them the truth - I have no idea).


We belong at this conference. We had a constant stream of people coming to our booth, and I'm convinced that we sold licenses to more than a few of them. We also strengthened customer relationships with a bunch of people, and got our name out (moreso) in the agile community.

The nice thing about the Agile conference is that nearly everyone that attended it was damn near religious about agile. If we convinced even one of the evangelists or agile coaches there to try GreenHopper, they might love it - and would probably recommend it to their own corner of the agile world.

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I'm also coming to Sydney

Blatantly copying John Doe, I thought I would also let everyone know that I'll be in Sydney August 17th through to August 27th. I'll be out at the PM/PMM Offsite on the 17th and 18th but will be around the office for the rest of my trip.

I vividly remember arriving early one morning to the Sydney Office on my last trip in February and not being able to recognise anyone. There have been a ton of new starters since then so there are bound to be more awesome Atlassians I've yet to meet.

If you'd like to chat about anything and everything Confluence, from evaluations to blogs to content on WAC and everything in between, I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts for improvement. Please let me know and we can grab a coffee. I'm an Australian who's been living in the US for the past year so I cannot wait to have my daily flat white fix!

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Lots of Events

We're full steam ahead with upcoming events. Over the next 6 months we've got user groups, conferences and of course our own world-wide user conference - Atlassian Summit! Here is a list of the upcoming events.

Try to keep these events in the back of your head and if you know of a customer interested in being more involved in the community, learning some new tools and tricks, or getting introduced to a new Atlassian product, make sure to let them know about Summit and the upcoming user groups.

If your interested to know whom from Atlassian will be attending these upcoming events go to the page Atlassian Conference Attendees. However, we haven't finalized the Summit attendee list yet, so I'll keep you posted.

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Happy System Administrator Day

Today is the 11th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. If you need a reminder, here's a short appreciation of what system administrators do, all day every day:

  • A sysadmin unpacked the server for this website from its box, installed an operating system, patched it for security, made sure the power and air conditioning was working in the server room, monitored it for stability, set up the software, and kept backups in case anything went wrong. All to serve this webpage.
  • A sysadmin installed the routers, laid the cables, configured the networks, set up the firewalls, and watched and guided the traffic for each hop of the network that runs over copper, fiber optic glass, and even the air itself to bring the Internet to your computer. All to make sure the webpage found its way from the server to your computer.
  • A sysadmin makes sure your network connection is safe, secure, open, and working. A sysadmin makes sure your computer is working in a healthy way on a healthy network. A sysadmin takes backups to guard against disaster both human and otherwise, holds the gates against security threats and crackers, and keeps the printers going no matter how many copies of the tax code someone from Accounting prints out.
  • A sysadmin worries about spam, viruses, spyware, but also power outages, fires and floods.
  • When the email server goes down at 2 AM on a Sunday, your sysadmin is paged, wakes up, and goes to work.
  • A sysadmin is a professional, who plans, worries, hacks, fixes, pushes, advocates, protects and creates good computer networks, to get you your data, to help you do work – to bring the potential of computing ever closer to reality.

We are lucky to have unbelievable System Administrators on staff. Throughout the summer I've been extremely impressed by your professionalism and talent. Thanks guys for all your hard work! (and sorry for clogging the network)

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Confluence 3.3-m2 Notes

This milestone is a fairly quiet release in terms of features, but has quite a few security fixes.

Version-Specific Doc Links

Confluence now follows the Atlassian Help Link spec and all help links will now redirect to the version of the Confluence Documentation that matches the version that you are using.

Users can edit where the links are directed by editing

Library Upgrades

  • AUI 3.0-m3
  • Atlassian Plugins 2.5

New dashboard actions

The dashboard actions are now buttons, which on mouse over the text turns blue and when clicked is indented. They have also been moved to be above 'Spaces'.



New welcome message

The dashboard welcome message has been updated.




As another important security improvement Confluence now requires a CAPTCHA after 3 failed login attempts.

This security mechanism not only protects the login page but the RPC-interface as well. After 3 failed login attempts via the RPC interface the user is required to log in using the web interface which then presents the CAPTCHA image.

This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled in the admin panel. The configuration options include the number of failed login attempts. The default threshold is 3.

XSRF Protection on Comment Creation

This security mechanism requires an XSRF token to be present when adding a comment.  Don't worry though, a system is in place so your session will not expire and you can take your time to write the perfect comment!

All the bundled themes have been updated to use this feature, and an option in the new Security Configuration screen to disable it if you still can't live without an old theme.

20% work

Change comments on blog posts.

Don W changed 1 line of vm and wrote some tests so that change comments are enabled on blog posts.

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Confluence 3.3-m3 Notes

Welcome to our big milestone:

Macro Autocomplete

You can now type '{' in the RTE to trigger macro autocompletion! Just continue typing to search for a particular macro and open it in the macro browser.

Known issue: The searching/ordering is not ideal yet, and you get quite unspecific search results at time (as seen above). Sometimes it's good to be fuzzy, sometimes not. We'll probably disable searching by description (and just do that in the macro browser).

Link Properties Panel

Editing links in the RTE is now easier with the new properties panel. You can now easily see the link, edit and unlink existing links on the page. Simply place your cursor somewhere inside the link!

The next two weeks we'll be applying property panels to images as well. If you have any feedback on this panel already, please tell us so we can fix it up before the Beta.

BTW, we're planning to make the UI between Autocomplete and Property Panel a bit more consistent in the next milestone. No UI-whining allowed just yet. ;-)

General Configuration UI

The Admin General Configuration screen has finally been given a face lift! It has been converted over to use an AUI form style.

Accessibility Improvements

We've added labels, legends and skiplinks so that it is now more 508-compliant. We still have a long way to go but these pages should now be more screen-reader friendly:

  • Dashboard
  • Profiles
  • Set your Password
  • Attachments
  • People Directory
  • User Status

Import Word Improvements

The 'Tools' > 'Import Word Document' feature structure has been improved to make it more intuitive.

Login information

Confluence now captures login meta information. This includes the dates of the last failed and successful login and the number of failed logins.
The administrator is now able to reset the number of failed logins for a particular user.

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