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h1. MOOC: a European view


Back from the United States, after a visit to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia, and having attended the 2012 Educause conference in Denver, this memo summerizes my understanding of MOOC, an initiative launched by several well known American universities. My main purpose was to understand what is behind this enthusiasm and how it can be translated to European universities.

h2. MOOC: a short history
\[1\] []

\[2\] [] Western Governors University

\[9\] [] edX, consortium Harvard, Berkeley, U. of Texas

\[17\] [] «Why online courses can never totally replace the campus experience » P. McGhee, U. Of East London, The Guardian, 19-11-2012

\[20\] [] EUNIS the European University Information Systems Organization
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