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EDUCAUSE 2014 brought together over 7500 people in Los Angeles, digital actors in universities. It Thanks to an introduction by R. Katz, it was an opportunity to visit two major universities, UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and UCSD (University of California San Diego), 12th and 14th in the Shanghai  ranking.

h2. Visit to UCLA

Very warm welcome by J. David, CIO, and his team. A number of courses are recorded. They are both use for on-site learning and distance learning as SPOC (Small Online Private Course). A vast majority of students disagrees about pure distance learning  ( 80%) because the social aspects of campus life is important to them . UCLA is cautious about MOOC and has decided to “wait and see”.

h2. Visit to UCSD

Another very warm welcome by S. Relyea, Vice Chancellor External and Business affairs. UCSD has a much more positive enthusiastic attitude. The first courses were opened in Coursera in January 2012. They consider that MOOC are the only way to meet the huge demand for training by the most disadvantaged people , including Latinos . 30% of students do not have a sufficient level to enter the university but can acquire the proper level through MOOC .

Moreover UCSD has not the funds needed to  build the amphitheaters necessary for such a number of students, thus MOOC are the only reasonable solution. However their cost should not be underestimated (up to a $ 300,000 for a full semester course) . UCSD is also interested in MOOC to promote international exchanges between students.