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Blog post: ExactTarget 2010 Notes (Demonstration Space)
The conference this year was great. I learned a lot more this year than last, but think that it was run much smoother last year. The big focus this year, including ...
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Blog post: Happy System Administrator Day (Demonstration Space)
Today is the 11th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. If you need a reminder, here's a short appreciation of what system administrators do, all day every day: A sysadmin unpacked the server ...
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Blog post: I'm also coming to Sydney (Demonstration Space)
Blatantly copying John Doe, I thought I would also let everyone know that I'll be in Sydney August 17th through to August 27th. I'll be out at the PM/PMM ...
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Blog post: Live from Agile 2010 (Demonstration Space)
Conference Notes SWAG Bag Got my bag of goodies Monday morning. It looks like every sponsor of the conference was given the opportunity to provide pamphlets/brochures/postcards/etc in the ...
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Blog post: Lots of Events (Demonstration Space)
We're full steam ahead with upcoming events. Over the next 6 months we've got user groups, conferences and of course our own worldwide user conference Atlassian Summit! Here is a list ...
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