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The Design Team uses Confluence to to make company standard templates available to employees. Rather than storing these files on a network shared drive, they have instead attached them to a Confluence page so that they are accessible to everyone who has the permission to view the page. Gone are the days of trying to find files on a shared drive. Confluence makes your files easily accessible, secure and searchable. Why not try:
  • Searching for Happy Users using the search box in the top right of the screen. As Confluence has indexed the full content of the PowerPoint Presentation you will see the file in your search results which you can quickly preview by clicking View. (View Video Tutorial)
  • Attach your own PowerPoint, Word, Excel or PDF document and embed it in the page using the View File Macro. (View Video Tutorial)

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Warning: Sample Content
This is sample content that comes included with Confluence for the purposes of demonstrating how the product can be used.
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