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Confluence 3.4 (Q1 2011)

Headline Themes and Features
  • Improved Keyboard Shortcuts
    • New keyboard shortcut dialog - just type '?' - learn all Confluence keyboard shortcuts.
    • Mac friendly shortcuts - use the 'Command' key!
    • General Shortcuts - edit pages, manage watchers, quick search, publish comments...
    • Editor Shortcuts - inserting tables, cut and paste rows, numbered and bullet lists, autocomplete...
  • User Macros in the Macro Browser
    • Easier to create new user macros - new creation form to specify macro category, link to an icon, and define parameters.
    • Make user macros available and discoverable for all users - publish them in the Macro Browser
    • Working examples - we've documented the Expand and Status user macros for you to publish for you users.
  • Universal Plugin Manager
    • Perform a plugin compatibility check before upgrading Confluence.
    • Install new plugins from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.
    • Manage existing plugins...and much more.

Confluence 3.3 (Q4 2010)

Headline Themes and Features
  • Email Management

Confluence 3.2 (Q2 2010)

Headline Themes and Features
  • Improved Editing Experience
  • Improved Theme and Template Structures

Confluence 3.1 (Q4 2009)

Headline Themes and Features
  • Integration with Gadgets
    • Cross Product Integration: Display confluence content inside JIRA dashboard
    • Cross Product Integration: Display JIRA lists and gadgets inside of Confluence
    • Federation: Display confluence inside another Confluence site as a gadget
  • Manage Office Documents
  • Improved Editing Experience
Engine Room
  • High Availability progress

Confluence 3.0 (Q2 2009)


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